Ryan Phyper

Ryan Phyper

is an artist and designer based in Toronto, interested in exploring three dimensional space. Having graduated from the Environmental Design program at OCAD University, Ryan’s current body of work centres around abstracting the fundamental principals of architecture.  Ryan's work engages with the urban landscape, transforming under-utilized spaces into imaginative site-specific installations.  Ryan also explores space-making on a smaller scale through his interior works including; sculptural lighting, drawing, and furniture design. 

Repurposing Spaces

Ryan actively explores the urban environment, seeking out its under-utilized or abandoned corners.  Through his installation work Ryan seeks to highlight the potential for these areas, showcasing key features that might otherwise be overlooked.  

Visual Language 

Colour, materiality, and form are used to create a cohesive body of work.  Ryan utilizes reclaimed materials and presents traditional construction materials in an unfamiliar way, playing off the existing visual language of transition within the urban landscape.

Using Format